About Us


A Chef and a Catering Events Company driven by Passion and Love for Food.

Chef Luciano Schipano Group is a restaurant and event company based in Toronto, Canada. Named after the founder and chef, Luciano Schipano. In 2012, he opened Schipano Fine Foods and shortly thereafter, launched his firm as a personal chef. In 2018, the Culinarium was developed and opened just in the middle of the pandemic offering virtual cooking classes and virtual events.

A few years later, Luciano decided it was time to expand his concept to cook and experience Italian breakfast and food, opening Caffe Cinquecento. In Septmeber 2022, following the expansion plan, Chef Luciano, took over Columbus Event Centre. Much of the group’s success can be credited to the high commitment to quality and the strong company culture it has fostered since day one. Today, CLS comprises four unique businesses, a bar, and a full-service event company, all of which are rooted in Italian traditions. Its ethos is entrenched in food, wine, and good people, which is evident in the carefully selected offerings, and genuine hospitality.

With plans for further expansion ahead, CLS continues to be a leader in the hospitality community, focusing its efforts on adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the industry.

Luciano Schipano is an Italian Chef, born in Canada and raised in Italy; Red Seal certified with a serious passion for the culinary arts. His dedication to the art and science of cooking began at the age of seven when he created his first sauce. Over the years he has focused his passion on going back to his origins to discover old recipes, adopt old practices and rekindle the authentic craft of creating wholesome flavors.

Graduated with honors with a master of science in Demographics studies and a dissertation on Ecological footprint and population growth. He came back to Toronto in 2011 where he works as a Personal Chef with his own brand as CHEF LUCIANO SCHIPANO, lately opened his own Culinary Studio Culinarium and ultimately he re-opened Caffe Cinquecento inside Columbus Centre in Toronto. Chef Luciano is also the Corporate Chef for Tutto Gourmet Foods.

Already a Food ambassador with Jamie Oliver Food revolution movement, Luciano is President of Slow Food for the Toronto Region. He is Director of Board at the Italian Federation Chefs – Delegation of Canada and an active member of the Canadian Culinary Federation with Oakville Branch.

Chef Luciano has been in many TV cooking shows as “l’Arte di Cucinare” on Omni1 with celebrity chef Gianni Ceschia and on Citytv at Festival Italiano of Johnny Lombardi with Chin Radio International.

Every year Chef Luciano organizes a special trip to Calabria. A Culinary Tour with a 10 days immersion of food, wine, olive oil, and a lot of traditions and cooking classes on-site.

Luciano’s passion for the culinary arts extends from the kitchen to the classroom in Italy, where he taught for many years. His first and most important lesson for new students is always the same, the importance of cooking with “more”!

After all, the first ingredient in everything we do well is love.