Learn how to make your own burrata and mozzarella directly in your kitchen.

This is a fun and delicious class that will begin with a general introduction to the world of Italian cheeses, and demonstration and tasting of traditional Italian mozzarella knots.

the group will be engaged also in the making of burrata, one of Italy’s most knows and appreciated dairy products. Fresh mozzarella is hand-shaped into a small pouch and filled with a combination of shreds of mozzarella curd mixed to fresh cream.

Chef Luciano will prepare a few dishes that highlight burrata and will show recipes ideas.

Black kale crostini topped with burrata

Peaches Caprese with fresh burrata

Hummus and burrata platter

Risotto with truffles and burrata

Roasted Abate pear topped with range and “Strega” flavoured burrata cream.

No experience is required! We provide all the equipment and ingredients. This class is designed to be just as fun for the cooking enthusiast who wants to be a part of every step as it is for the first-timer who’s happier observing and assisting (or taste-testing).


You will make approximately 2kgs of mozzarella knots each and at the end of this lesson, you will leave with the product you have made throughout the class.

Minimum 6 people to attend.

Cost is $125 per person, taxes and liability insurance included.

For enquiries and more information fill the form below.


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