Fileja – Pasta cu u ferru

Fresh pasta made with an iron stick


Handmade wheat flour eggless noodles

Ingredients: 4 6 servings

Making pasta:

360 gr of flour – semolina or unbleached all-purpose or half and half
180 gr water – (approx

Sift the flour, place it on the wooden planter and form the classic fountain.

Dissolve the salt in the middle of a glass of lukewarm water and slowly pour salt water into the center of the fountain, beginning to collect the flour with your hands.

Continue kneading, pouring the water needed to get a compact and elastic dough.

Let it rest wrapped in the film, out of the fridge, for half an hour, so that the gluten, which has developed by kneading, relaxes and makes filing easier.

After the dough’s rest time, form about 10 cm long rolls and about 0.5 cm in diameter.

Infiltrate and roll them, one at a time, around a broken pole, called “dinacu” or “dinaculu”.

Pass the stick with the dough on the stack, making it roll with a slight pressure, so that, by stretching it, the pasta takes the elongated shape of the screw, which is typical of the fileja.

Remove the stick and place the paste obtained on a tray or flamed sheet, placing the files together, without overlapping them.

When finished, let the dough dry.