Industry Consultant

Food has become the cornerstone of many lifestyles. In the corporate world, creating the right atmosphere with the right cuisine has fast gained popularity.

Today, more than ever, people are gravitating towards different types of foods. Trends show that many people are interested in vegetarian food. Interest in the use of exotic herbs and spices has also grown, increasing the market for ethnic foods across the globe.

My food consultancy services will give you access to a variety of new and exotic foods and cuisines, which are gaining popularity and acclaim across the world. Your organization will only gain from my knowledge – helping you to reach out to your clients and customers by making them feel comfortable and at ease.

Contact me with your requirements for food consultancy services, and I shall be glad to help you incorporate healthy and tasty helpings of food into your organization.

Menu Development

Restaurant menu development is essential to any restaurant, whether you are adding a new item or a completely new menu. It not something you should leave to the inexperienced.

Food Manufacturing

We have access to qualified Food Scientists, Research Chefs and Culinary Nutritionists who can assist in product creation from original idea and providing gold standard recipes to plant-ready formulas. We understand the manufacturing process and have quantifiable experience in developing concepts with merchandising impact.

Creating and testing new recipes is the best way to enhance your kitchen. My team of talented chefs and a state-of-the-art test kitchen is our crucible for creating and testing out new and tasty recipes that will add value to your menu. My expertise of creating and formulating new products and new recipes extends to both commercial and small batch production scenarios.

Food Writing, Media and Television

With extensive experience in Food television and food journalism Chef Luciano Schipano is available for your food media needs, be it copy for your product launch or TVC production.

Additional Services

  • Project Management
  • Branding Development
  • Culinary & Marketing Support
  • Culinary & Food Service Training