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Calabria coast cruise


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***TO AGEVOLATE YOUR TRAVELLING TO CALABRIA WE HAVE ADDED 1 MORE DAY – JULY 17 – TO THE TOUR! Enjoy one extra day in the Toe of Italy with Chef Luciano for only $200 per person!

(accommodation with dinner on July 17th and breakfast on July 18th, then you are going to be free until the evening when everyone will join the tour. Chef Luciano will organize some excursion to occupy the time)

EXTRA DAY – THURSDAY JULY 17 – Upon Arrival at Lamezia Terme, Chef Luciano will be meet you at the airport for the welcoming. A shuttle service will transfer you at the resort Torre Camigliati. Accommodation and free time to adventure the little town of Camigliatello.

DAY 1 – THURSDAY JULY 18 – breakfast and excursion at Old Park Calabria. 

PICKUP AT LAMEZIA AIRPORT IS AT 4 PM, PLEASE BE IN TIME, A shuttle service will transfer you at the resort Torre Camigliati. Accommodation and welcome dinner at Antica Taverna Torre Camigliati.

DAY 2 – FRIDAY JULY 19 – Early in the morning we will lead Corigliano Calabro where we will visit the Buffalo Farm La Favella. Guided tour and tasting of their products during the visit.

Lunch at Trattoria Il Bistro – Return to Camigliatello where we will enjoy the Old Calabria Park: Norman Douglas and the travelers of the Grand Tour at the ground floor of Torre Camigliati and visit the piano nobile (noble floor).

Return to Camigliatello for dinner at Antica Taverna Torre Camigliati.

DAY 3 – SATURDAY JULY 20 –Today we will visit Cosenza and its wonderful Old Town. Visit Arnone Palace, the Cathedral and the Castle of Frederick II, we will walk the streets of the old town and we can shop in small botteghe (local shops). In the afternoon we are going to experience the Italian Aperitivo (light lunch) at the Antico Caffè Renzelli, the oldest coffee shop in the city.

Transfer to Rende and visit the historical downtown accompanied by the City Head of Culture (Mrs. Marta Petrusevicz) that will guide us around the area.

Return to Torre Camigliati for little rest or walk around the park and follow Dinner with a live music evening at Vecchio Mercato Falcone in Camigliatello

DAY 4 – SUNDAY JULY 21– Sila and surroundings: Museo della Nave (a beautiful old cattle barn, restored by the architect Sila Barracco. Sited in the Parco Old Calabria in the heart of the Sila area, the exhibit bears witness to tragic journeys across sea and desert, undertaken by migrants of this twentieth century, often fleeing tragedy and suffering in their homelands) and a wonderful steam train trip organized through the beautiful Sila National Park, stop at San Giovanni in Fiore town and lunch at Antica Taverna Camigliati with traditional food  accompanied by stories tellers and local music. On the way back visit at Sila National Park with a beautiful walk along the park trails and Cecita Lake.

At night dinner at Da Biagio and I suoi Lupi restaurant – 5 minutes walk distance from the resort.

DAY 5 – MONDAY JULY 22 –After breakfast, we will prepare for an immersion in the history and traditions of Calabria, we will be in Longobucco where we will visit:

  • Museo della Tessitura at the Bottega Celestino to learn more about the history of weaving Longobucco; through images of the past can be seen authentic pieces of extraordinary historical interest and charm. We given also the various stages of processing and the traditional production, which supports continued research in the use of traditional yarns (broom, flax, hemp, cotton, silk and wool), aimed at the creation of fabrics that can to meet the present needs of furniture (table cloths, bedspreads, towels, curtains, sheets) and clothing (scarves, shawls, skirts)
  • Bakery “Bottega del Pane”, where we are going to experience their homemade “Calabrian taralli” and bread making.
  • Permanent Exhibition “Traditional Trades and Crafts”. The Museum is located in the former Franciscan convent of Longobucco from the fifteenth century. The Museum features a guided tour where one side is overlooking the charming courtyard of the Franciscan monastery and on the other offers themed environments on the working of stone, wood, metals and jewelry, textiles and finally on the territory and on the efforts of the Park of Sila in its maintenance.

Lunch at Trattoria da Maria and return to Torre Camigliati for a fantastic evening with Chef Luciano and Anthropologist Christopher Sisca (DPhil in Anthropology, University of Oxford) that will cook and share stories on Calabrian traditions.

DAY 6 – TUESDAY JULY 23 – Today we’re going to Ciro to be guests of Librandi Winery. The day begins in the winery, where guests are guided in an in-depth visit of every section. From there, we set off for the Rosaneti vineyards, where we will go on a tour of our vineyards and olive groves on a pick-up truck. We then head to the summit of the hills, where we can enjoy an especially stunning view. Next, we visit the Agricultural Museum located in the early nineteenth-century farmhouse at the heart of the summer. Lunch is then provided at the guest quarters in the farmhouse, Chef Francesco will be in the kitchen and Chef Luciano will join him for a collaborate teamwork.

After the afternoon is spent by taking a relaxing stroll among the vines we will visit the Museum of Licorice in Rossano: a long history of work, culture, and tradition finds its roots in Calabria’s territory with the Amarelli family and company and it is now possible to physically touch, to hear and to taste That history in Giorgio Amarelli’s Liquorice Museum.

Return for dinner at Camigliatello at Antica Taverna Torre Camigliati.

DAY 7 – WEDNESDAY JULY 24 – After breakfast, we will head the Tuna Callipo factory, where in addition to a guided tour inside the plant we will also taste some delicacies made with tuna.

We will continue to Spilinga – the capital of Nduja – with a visit to the plant Nduja San Donato and tasting of the most famous and spicy salami spread in the world.

Lunch at Il Tiglio Restaurant for a menu featured on nduja and other typical local products.

After lunch visit to the Dairy Factory Caserporo to taste Pecorino of Monte Poro, a Government Certified sheep cheese DOP.

In the late afternoon we’ll move in Pizzo Calabro to visit Castle Murat and Piedrigrotta and then we will stop for dinner at Piazza della Repubblica (central square) at Il Cappero Rosso Restaurant – after dinner we will move to Ercole Bar – where they will show us how Tartufo its made and then we will seat to enjoy this magical ice cream filled with a liquid core of double chocolate.

DAY 8 – THURSDAY JULY 25 – It’s a day of Beach, Fish, and Cruise. After breakfast, we head Grisolia and Hotel Il Cormorano – where we will spend the morning at the beach with music, fun and sun, Italian style. At lunchtime, we are special guests of Executive Chef Benvenuto Salvatore with a fresh seafood menu.

At about 3 pm – a private boat we will take us to a cruise at Dino’s Island and all along the beautiful Calabrian coast for a period of 4 hours.

At the return, we lead Diamante – Capital of Chili Pepper, where we will spend the rest of the evening with a pizza night and walk along the waterfront.


DAY 9 – FRIDAY JULY 26–  A day in a Farm. Immediately after breakfast, we would go to Biò Farm. We will arrive in time for the taste of the hot ricotta and for the processing of other dairy products. We will continue the day visiting the animals, tasting the products prepared by the farmer during the year and we will have lunch with a menu based on organic products directly from his land. After lunch, we will take walk in the fields and then we are going take part of a cooking class with a local lady who will make traditional pasta and “cuddurrieddi” (fried dough) filled with anchovies and nduja.

The night will be animated by the Cerseyo, a local group of musicians, who will play traditional instruments, songs and dances.

DAY 10 – SATURDAY JULY 27– Early in the morning, after breakfast and greetings we will direct to the airport to return to Toronto.


Have a safe flight back home and thanks for join Chef Luciano in this epic Tour in Calabria!





Transfer to/from Pearson Airport, Flights, Travel Insurance, Medical Insurance, Taxes, Gratuities, Personal Expenses and terms not mentioned.  *Due weather conditions or for other reasons program may change.

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