Salami master class


Salami Cooking Class

Chef Luciano will share the secrets on how to make great salami and discuss all things meat.

In this hands-on salami cooking class, you’ll learn how to make your own salami from scratch, including seasoning and the art of curing.

The class will be complemented by a delectable antipasto board, where you will get to taste the authentic salami varieties you are about to create. The antipasto consists of warm Italian bread and of course, freshly sliced salami.

This is a hands-on master fresh sausage and soppressata making class with Chef Luciano who will guide you through the salami making process from start to finish using methods that have been mastered and practiced over the generations.

Learn the correct ways on how to prepare and process your meat, blend recipes and prepare and fill your casings successfully TO MAKE DIFFERENT TYPES OF SALAMI.

You will get hands-on experience with all the specialist machinery and supplies that are needed to produce quality fresh sausages simply and efficiently. The meat and the consumables will all be supplied for you.

You will make approximately 4kgs of saLAMI each and at the end of this lesson you will leave with the produce you have made throughout the course, as well as the confidence and knowledge to successfully make your own fresh salami at home.

Great team-building activity and Christmas group bookings available upon request!

Minimum 6 people to attend.

Cost is $175 per person, taxes and liability insurance included.

For enquiries and more information use the form below.

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