tomato sauce


Tomato Sauce Day is a long-loved tradition where Italian families from all over the world come together to make, bottle and preserve tomato passata. But, the call of tomato sauce day stands for so much more than the jars of sauce stacked up at the end of the day. It also stands for family, the coming together of generations, and for making something together, that can be shared by all. 

So…….prepare to get messy, laugh and share in some of the freshest and tastiest Ontario Produce around!

Your experience includes:

  • A welcome coffee/tea and biscuit/cake 
  • Learn how to make traditional Italian tomato passata 
  • Assist in preparing an unforgettable feast
  • A shared table experience including pasta, fresh salads, dessert 
  • Take some of your own traditional passata sauce
  • Information sheets and recipes cards 

You will make approximately 10 kgs of tomatoes each and at the end of this lesson, you will leave with the product you have made throughout the class.

Minimum 6 people to attend.

Cost is $125 per person, taxes and liability insurance included.

For enquiries and more information fill the form below.


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