Zippuli (Crispelle) Calabrisi

Zeppole Calabresi

• 1.5 kg of flour

• 500 g of potatoes

• 4 grams of dry active yeast

• about 1 l of water

• 30 g of salt


To fill:

• anchovies, ‘nduja, caciocavallo, soppressata,


Wash the potatoes and put them in a saucepan with salted water and cook for 30 minutes from the moment it starts boiling. Do the toothpick test anyways.

When cooked, peel the potatoes while still hot. and pass them in the potato masher.

Meanwhile, in a large container pour about half a litre of water and dissolve the salt and mashed potatoes.

Dissolve yeast in the other half litre of lukewarm water. Once the salt and the yeast have melted, start to incorporate the flour, continuing to knead vigorously until you get a smooth and kind of sticky dough.

Cover the bowl with a cloth and let the dough rise for about 3 hours of doubling.

After rising, the dough should be soft and slightly sticky. To form the zeppole, rub your hands with canola oil and take one piece of pasta at a time. Fill them with a piece of anchovy or with the ingredient of your liking.

Fry in plenty of oil. To see if the oil is ready to fry dip a toothpick and if it is boiling around the wood then you are ready to fry.

NOTE: In Calabrian dialect they are called “Zippuli” (in the singular “zippula”), a term deriving from the late Latin “zippula”, which was a dessert prepared with leavened dough and honey.

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